April 22, 2020

UNION BOARD OF EDUCATION                   April 22, 2020  



     The meeting was called to order by A. Estell at 6:50 p.m.


PRESENT (at the zoom meeting)

  1. A. Estell, J. Garden, H. Bradway, L Roberts, A. Blank, J. Petersen, J. Reardon, Supt., S. Jackopsic, Prin., L. MacPherson, recording secretary, M. Huda & K. Paine, teachers & D. Eaton, First Selectman.      



  1. J. Garden made a motion to approve the minutes from March 11 & April 1, 2020.   Seconded by H. Bradway. Unanimously approved.



  1. None      



  1.  None    



  1. Superintendent’s Report  Joe reported on everything that has been impacted since the Covid 19 outbreak & the changes that have occurred.  He has been very well updated.  The target date for schools going back is May 20 but that could change before that time. 
  2. Principal’s Report  Steve talked about Distance Learning & what a great job the staff has done connecting with all the students & parents to make this work.  Steve & the staff will be discussing grading & goals in the coming weeks. There will be no state testing this school year.  The staff had a mini parade around the town before our April break.  



  1. Curriculum  Lisa & Steve met March 12, 2020 to discuss inventory needs, math program, current programs & evaluation plans.     
  2. Communications  no new info    
  3. Transportation  Steve has been in contact with EASTCONN & will be negotiating for payment for our bus contract during this time off from school.    
  4. Personnel  Have reached an agreement for the early retirement incentive.         
  5. Building  Extra cleaning because of the virus.   
  6. EASTCONN  no new info



  1.  Review of bills. The bills will be reviewed at our next meeting in May.    


  2. 2019-20 Budget  Everything is on course for the district budget. 




  1. 2020-2021 Board of Ed Budget  The Board of Finance requested that the Board of Ed reduce the proposed budget by an additional $47,000.00. Joe discussed reducing certified staff & creating a Supt/Principal position. He also mentioned minor reductions from various line items. These reductions would total $47,229.00. Reductions were discussed. Funds would be available for a liaison.  J. Petersen made a motion to create a one year Supt/Principal position. Seconded by J. Garden.  Five members approved this motion & H. Bradway did not approve. Motion passed. A. Blank made a motion to have the Personnel Committee work on a contract for the new Supt/Principal position. Seconded by J. Garden.  Five members approved & H. Bradway did not approve this motion. Motion passed.         
  2. Early retirement incentive  This package would pay for health insurance for a teacher for the 2020-21 school year.  J. Garden made a motion to move New Business Teacher resignation next. Seconded.  Unanimously approved.  



  1. Teacher resignation Joe read a resignation letter from Cathy Escalona that announces her last day will be June 30, 2020.  She is retiring after 35 years of service at the Union School.  A. Blank made a motion to accept Cathy Escalona’s resignation with regrets & best wishes.  Seconded by L. Roberts.  Unanimously approved. 


    3. Second reading-Policy P6114.81 (Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness) This is the second reading of this policy.     




             M. Huda said that Cathy Escalona has been a huge part of Union School, a great teacher & mentor to so many students & teachers in the 35 years she has been here.


             Dave Eaton said there will be a Zoom hearing on May 5 & a budget adoption meeting May 19, 2020.

             J. Petersen had some comments about the Personnel Committee & the new Supt/Principal position.   



         Motion by A. Blank to adjourn at 8:14 p.m. Seconded by L. Roberts. Passed unanimously.


    Respectfully Submitted, Linda MacPherson, Recording Secretary