May 6, 2020


Planning & Zoning and Inland/Wetlands Commission Meeting Minutes

“This institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer”

May 6, 2020



Members present:        Mat Silberman, chairperson

Lee Fitzgerald

Brian Lambert

Joe Popovitch – arrived late

Barry Kapplan

Carol Berner (alternate) – arrived late

Ken Braithwaite (alternate) - seated

Mike Kneeland (alternate)


The May 6, 2020 meeting was called to order via ZOOM at 8:00 p.m. by M. Silbermann.

Minutes from previous meeting were tabled.

M. Silbermann presented items on agenda.

P. Tucker of Mashapaug Rd. had submitted an application for a car port.  Project papers were sent to M. Silbermann and reviewed by him and ZEO D. Eaton.  Mr. Tucker got required permits from building inspector.  K. Braithwaite made a motion to approve application, seconded by B.  Kapplan.  All in favor, motion passed.  $85. Fee paid.

D. Teeson of Howard Rd contacted M. Silbermann with request to put a lean-to on the side of an existing barn on his property.  M. Silbermann told D. Teeson to proceed and this will be further addressed when regular meetings resume.

K. Taylor of Buckley Hwy discussed expansion of her farm to include a farm store/food bar.  It was suggested she contact NEHD for any required permits and she would need a zone change or SDZ permit.  She will keep in contact with M. Silbermann.  B. Kapplan is also familiar with the project scope.

B. Kapplan made a motion to adjourn, seconded by B. Lambert.   Meeting adjourned at 8:19am.





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Mat Silbermann                                                                       Heidi Bradrick                                    Chairman                                                                        Recording Secretary