Tolland County in Stage 3 Drought

Tolland County is currently in Stage 3 Drought


Reports of low water levels in private wells, streams, agricultural water supplies, and fire suppression ponds have been increasing especially in eastern Connecticut. Due to the unusually dry soils, the rain that does fall does not soak into the ground and the threat of fire returns soon after the rain ends. Residents are reminded to monitor daily forest fire danger reports and plan outdoor burning accordingly, especially in areas dependent on fire ponds that might not be usable.


To avoid further stressing water supplies and to avoid other threats due to the current drought, residents and businesses are being asked to voluntarily take the following measures:


For counties at Stage 3:

•           End irrigation of established lawns and limit other outdoor water uses;

•           Residents and businesses dependent upon private wells should limit water use to only essential needs to reduce the chance of well depletion  (see guidance for private well users)

•           Prepare for using alternative water sources in the event wells, farm ponds, fire suppression supplies, or other critical water sources become depleted; and

•           Avoid burning in or near woodlands or brushlands, and obey any municipal or state orders for outdoor burning bans. Currently in Union, the Open Burn Official is not giving out burn permits.

Please check with the Fire Marshall, Charlie Sweetland, before burning, (860)684-6703.


For all counties:

•           Follow best practices for water conservation and wise water use; and

•           Be alert to the potential for worsening conditions and follow conservation requests or mandates issued by public water systems, municipalities, or state agencies

For current conditions, visit