February 11, 2015 Minutes

UNION BOARD OF EDUCATION                         February 11, 2015



     The meeting was called to order by A. Estell at 6:38 p.m. 



A.      A. Estell, H. Lambert, P. Guardiani, A. Blank, C. Taylor, J. Reardon, Supt., S. Jackopsic, Prin., L. MacPherson, recording secretary, C. Escalona, M. Huda, K. Paine & S. Martinez. 



H. Lambert made a motion to approve the minutes from January 14 & January 28, 2015.  Seconded. Unanimously approved. A. Blank made a motion to move appointment of new Board member next. Seconded. Unanimously approved.  H. Lambert made a motion to approve the appointment of Sue Martinez to the Board of Ed to fill the vacancy of Morgan Eaton. Seconded. Unanimously approved. 









a.         Superintendent's Report:  J Reardon noted that his comments last month regarding the process of initiating and implementing significant changes should in no way be construed to reflect negatively on staff performance.  He commended staff for their initiative, dedication and enthusiasm.  He reiterated that ideas for significant change can originate from staff, administration or the Board.  To move forward they must involve discussion among staff, administration and the Board before being formally adopted by the Board.  He also noted that the Staff and Administrative Evaluation Plan had been approved by the State and would be presented to the Board for formal adoption at next month's meeting.  He thanked the staff and principal for the work they put into developing this document.  Work being done by CAPSS and other organizations to improve State funding for mandated special education programs was reviewed.  All are cautioned to keep a close eye on the Legislative and the MORE Commission as there is a lot of talk going on about regionalizing municipal and educational services.  It was noted that Union already receives many of its special education services on a voluntary basis through the effective use of EASTCONN.  Would not want to see any regional services mandated by a law.

February 11, 2015  2.

b.         Principal's Report  We have received an ~$10,000.00 assessment reduction grant for Professional Development from the state. We have also received teacher mini-grants for $3,000.00.  The coaching grant (valued at $8,000.00) for program development is currently in progress.  The town crew & Carl did an excellent job moving & clearing the snow at the school.  We have been monitoring the snow on the roof but a lot has blown off because of the wind.  There was a movie last Friday put on by the seventh graders and Mrs. Paine. The Paws store is now open for grades K-4 and has been developed by the third and fourth graders along with Miss Murray and Mr. J.  The kindergarten had their 100th day celebration today led by Miss Sandness.  EASTCONN was here today through a grant teaching the older students about all types of birds.  Steve applied for a technology grant that was sent into the state today.  There was a Security Committee meeting today & they are working through revisions.  We had a lock down drill last Friday that went very well.  We will be doing CMT science testing in March for grades 5 & 8 & Smarter Balanced testing later on in the school year.  We will be starting a preschool play group once a week for two hours for 3-5 year olds.  This will begin sometime in March. The fundraiser for jump rope & hoops has begun. We will be having a Variety Show in the coming months.   



     a. Curriculum   No discussion  

     b. Communication Community Conversation date will be March 14, 2015 from noon until 4 p.m. Andrea, Amy & Heidi will be on the committee.   

     c. No discussion       

     d. Personnel  No discussion                 

     e. Building   Discussed above    



a.   Review the bills. The bills were reviewed later and everything was in order.  

b.   2014-15 Budget  Right now we have A $27,000 deficit mainly due to special ed costs.  We did get a reimbursement from workers' comp for $2000 so it should reduce it to $25,000.   

c.   Budget 2015-16  We received tuition cost  for Woodstock Academy for next school year & its lower than budgeted so we will adjust this amount. 







                             February 11, 2015  page 3.


1.  Appointment of New Board Member  Discussed above

2.  Calendar 2015-2016  H. Lambert made a motion to adopt the 2015-16 calendar. Seconded. Unanimously approved.        





     Motion by A. Blank to adjourn at 7:35 p.m. Seconded. Passed unanimously. 


Respectfully Submitted, 

Linda MacPherson 

Recording Secretary, Union Board of Education