April 19, 2017

UNION BOARD OF EDUCATION                         April 19, 2017



     The meeting was called to order by A. Estell at 6:31 p.m.



  1. A. Estell, J. Zieger, H. Matthews, A. Blank, J. Garden, J. J. Swanson, J. Reardon, Supt., S. Jackopsic, Prin., L. MacPherson, recording secretary, M. Eaton & D. Eaton.



  1. H. Matthews made a motion to approve the minutes of March 8, & March 22, 2017.  Seconded J. Garden. Unanimously approved.



  1. None



     No Communications    J. Garden made a motion to add to the agenda: budget transfer & 16-17 calendar change. Seconded. Unanimously approved.    



  1. Superintendent’s Report  Joe reported on various meetings he has attended.  He reported on special ed. funding cooperative legislative study he had been involved with recently.  Woodstock Academy has been meeting with Superintendents about special/regular education blended tuition bills which may be less costly for our district, depending on the year.  Andrea reported on regionalism with EASTCONN: bussing, Munis services, IT, & special ed. services.      
  2. Principal’s Report  Steve reported on School of Distinction grant that was awarded to our school for ~$24,000 which will be used for technology in the lower grades & also in-service for our teachers. We are 1 of 15 schools who received this award. Science curriculum units are currently being developed for implementation next year.  The stem mobile lab will be here on May 3 & 4.  The students will go to Bigelow to collect samples. Grades 5-8 will go to UCONN for a variety of engineering activities on April 28.  USA-sponsored Taco hot lunch is April 26.  8th grade DC trip is May 16-19.  The 7th grade will go to Boston in early June.  We will have a health day for students on May 5.  Our spring concert is May 24.  Field day is June 7.  Graduation is June 15 at 7 p.m.   



     a. Curriculum  already discussed   

     b. Communication  no new info          

     c. Transportation   no new info  

     d. Personnel  no new info               

e. Building   Ross Solar Group determined the school roof can bear the weight of the solar panels.



  1. Review the bills. Andrea & Joe reviewed the bills & everything was in order.     


  1. 2016-2017 Budget   Right now we are looking at ~$83,000 surplus in this year’s budget.



  1. 2017-2018 Board of Ed Budget The insurance costs are about what we had expected.  Still waiting for some tech school acceptances. The Board met with the Board of Finance to discuss our Budget.  Budget hearing will be May 2 at 7 p.m. Joe mentioned the REAP Grant account which POs are generated for all purchases & signed by the Principal.  He also discussed the milk & activity fund which are audited every year along with the REAP.
  2. Calendar 2017-18 H. Matthews made a motion to accept the 2017-18 calendar.  Seconded. Unanimously approved.
  3. Transportation policy #3541, third reading A. Blank made a motion to adopt Policy #3541 Transportation.  Seconded.  Unanimously approved.



  1. Catch basin proposals  Steve has received four quotes which were discussed. J. Zieger made a motion to hire East Coat to fix the catch basin at a cost of $1,900.  Seconded.  Five Board members approved. One nay.  Motion carried.  
  2. Joe asked for approval to move $6000 from special education transportation to repairs & maintenance.  A. Blank made a motion to approve this transfer of funds.  Seconded.  Unanimously approved.
  3. 2016-17 Calendar change Steve asked for approval to make Thurs. May 4 a full day & Fri. May 26 a half day for students.  H. Matthews made a motion to approve this change.  Seconded.  Unanimously approved.     



         No one     



     Motion by H. Matthews to adjourn at 8:15 p.m. Seconded. Passed unanimously.


Respectfully Submitted, Linda MacPherson, Recording Secretary