2016-17 Town Budget, Meeting Minutes and Mil Rate

2016-2017 Mil Rate is 30.27


        May 26, 2016

 A Budget and Town meeting of the electors and citizens qualified to vote in town meetings of the Town of Union, Connecticut was held at the Union Town Hall, 1043 Buckley Hwy in Union, Connecticut on Tuesday May 26, 2016 at 7:30 PM.
 Mr. Mathieu Silbermann was chosen as moderator of the meeting and Ms. Heidi Bradrick acted as clerk.  The moderator read the minutes of the June 9, 2015 town meeting.  Brian Lambert made a motion to approve minutes.  Charlie Sweetland seconded motion.  Vote by acclimation was unanimous.
 The moderator read the legal notice.  Said notice was published in the Hartford Courant on May 20, 2016, and is recorded in these records immediately preceding these minutes.

 David Eaton moved to approve the budget as presented for fiscal year 2016-2017, seconded by Clint Roberts.   Doug Teeson offered thanks to the Board of Finance Members and discussed the concerns related to cuts coming out of the State Capital and area town grand lists.  Maureen Eaton indicated that because there are few businesses and very little building in town our Grand List is not growing as it is in surrounding towns.  
        David Eaton made a motion to move discussion to a vote, seconded by Launa Trinque.

        A vote by paper ballot was taken.   YES  64  NO  24.  The budget was approved.

        Meeting adjourned at 7:50pm.

        Respectfully submitted
        Heidi Bradrick
        Town Clerk