Concrete Issues

First Selectman Andy Goodhall attends the Ad-Hoc Working Committee meetings, formed by CRCOG (Connecticut Regional Council of Governments), which is holding monthly meetings. "This committee is comprised of Senior Town Officials, representatives from  NECCOG (Northeast Conn. Council of Gov) and legislators. The goal of the committee is to provide towns and homeowners with assistance in needed areas: including potentially helping in determining qualified contractors in testing, engineering and remediation.  In addition, the committee could also study the development of other forms of relief to homeowners."


A joint effort between the Councils of Government (COGS) produced potential legislation submitted to our legislators.

*See legislation attachment below*

As of March 29, 2017 -- A comparison of HB 806 and HB 7175, and the legislation proposed by the Ad-Hoc Committee is attached below**


We need support from districts outside of our local area. Spread the word!


CRCOG Informational Website:


IMPORTANT: Full legislative documents attached at the bottom of this page


Department of Consumer Protection Information and Forms:


Nov. 4, 2016 Hartford Courant Article with Attorney General's Report:


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