Rain Barrel & Rain Garden Grant Program

The Eastern Connecticut Conservation District has received funding from the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation's Long Island Futures Fund grant program to install 100 rain gardens and 100 rain barrels throughout the 36 towns in our District (that translates to approximately 3 rain gardens per town). 

The rain gardens can be on public or private land. If public spaces are selected, we are looking for opportunities to install informational signage as well. The installation of the rain gardens, as well as the distribution of accompanying outreach material, can be used by the Town towards MS4 permit requirements, including public education and outreach, public involvement/participation and post-construction stormwater management. 



Judith C. Rondeau, CPESC
Natural Resource Specialist/
Niantic River Watershed Coordinator
Eastern CT Conservation District
139 Wolf Den Road
Brooklyn, CT 06234
860-774-9600 x13