May 9, 2018

Union Board of Education                                                       May 9, 2018


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by A. Estell at 6:40 pm


  1. Estell, J. Garden, H. Bradway, J. Reardon, Supt., S. Jackopsic, Prin.,

L. Roberts, J. Petersen, M. Powers, recording sec. Not in attendance: A. Blank

Individuals to be heard



            J. Reardon received a letter of resignation from Adam Summerer (Music teacher). A

search for a new music teacher will be conducted over the summer.


Administrative Reports

  1. Superintendent’s Report- Joe reported on the various superintendent meetings he has attended. The state has downsized their education offices but reinforced that EASTCONN continues to provide many services for us. He and A. Estell attended the NE Regional Summit and reported that there may be ways to collaborate/share services with others. Joe also reported that the new EASTCONN director, Gary Mala, recently met with Steve and Joe and toured the school. We will not have any related service fee increases for the next school year.


  2. Principal’s Report- Steve reported on the Strategic Plan. We will be purchasing seven licenses for Rosetta Stone learning languages for next year. Eighth-grade students will be able to explore different languages. The hot lunch went well with first responders and town crew. The D.C. informational meeting for parents and students went well. The trip is next week. Students have also gone to the opera and symphony.  In addition, students in grades 5-8 will attend College Knowledge Day at Eastern CT State University on May 22nd. May 30th is the Spring Concert. June 8th is Field Day; Steve recently met with Mrs. Crevier and Miss DeCaro to plan the day.

Committee Reports

  1. Curriculum-None
  2. Communications-None
  3. Transportation-New bus routes for next year. Trial runs without students will be done before the close of the year.


  4. Personnel-no new info


  5. Building-Earth Day celebration-students cleaned up the school grounds and did a great job. Steve is getting estimates on repairing the parking lot. He also recently visited UConn West Hartford (Former campus) as they are giving away some of their used furniture. He selected a few pieces for the school and will be picking them up next week.


Financial Report

Review of bills- A. Estell reported everything was in order.


2017-2018- The budget is being watched closely. ~$20,000 surplus is projected.


Old Business- 2018-2019 budget discussed. Town meeting at 7 pm on May 14th. We are still waiting to hear about new possibilities with a possible consortium health insurance coverage.  EASTCONN is collecting information for a possible alternative for the smaller school districts.


New Business- none


Individuals to be Heard- none


Adjournment- Motion by L. Roberts to adjourn at 7:45 pm. Seconded by J. Garden. Passed unanimously.


Respectfully Submitted,

Michele D. Powers, Recording Sec.