June 13, 2018

Union Board of Education                                                                            June 13, 2018


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by A. Estell at 6:45 PM

Approval of Minutes: from May 9, 2018- motion accepted by L. Roberts, seconded by A. Estell. Passed unanimously.


  1. Estell, J. Garden, A. Blank, L. Roberts, J. Petersen, J. Reardon, Supt., S. Jackopsic, Prin.,

       M. Powers, recording sec. D. Eaton (First Selectman), J. Zieger.  Not in attendance: H. Bradway


Individuals to be heard-none


Communications- Letter of resignation from Adam Summerer (Music)


Administrative Reports

  1. Superintendent’s Report- Joe reported State Superintendent’s Advocacy Group plans for an early start next year because of elections and the legislative session beginning earlier.

District strengths- BOE’s good relationship with Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance, Superintendent and Principal.

Continuing our Strategic plan including a positive staff/parent relationship, as well as staff engaged in student learning.

  1. Principal’s Report- Steve reported on Field Day-terrific event. Miss DeCaro, Mrs. Crevier, Union Library, USA did a great job. The Music/Art show was a success with thanks to Mr. Summerer and Mrs. Fischetti. Other school events included a mini Variety/Drama Show; 7th and 8th grade performance of Romeo and Juliet and College Knowledge Day; Health Day. Washington D.C. and Boston trips also went well. Held PreK Welcome Day. Grades 5/6 began a recycling initiative. Plans to begin a rain barrels project in the fall. Coming up: Graduation Dance on June 15th and 8th grade Graduation Ceremony on June 19th.

Committee Reports

  1. Curriculum-Steve distributed the updated Strategic Plan. Minimal changes made. Adding student electives based on student interest. Adding Babbel to trial w/ students (foreign language program). Updating report cards for PK-4-streamlining in a parent-friendly language. PBIS will continue with Paws in PK-4, teacher discretion rewards in grades 5-8. PK-2 teachers will pilot Science/Social Studies teaming.


  1. Communications-none


  1.  Transportation-Trial routes have begun. Will continue to tweak over the summer.


  1.  Personnel-Initial contact from the State for contract negotiations. Contracts end

June 30, 2019


  1. Building- Catch basin repair and paving repair in school parking lot. Steve will update and follow up. Leak in heating/cooling system in building being repaired.



  1.  Financial Report- Review of bills- A. Estell reported everything was in order.


BOE Budget 2017-2018-Will likely have a surplus. Supply and inventory has been checked.


Old Business- Budget 2018-2019 Budget passed.


New Business-

Budget transfers- Steve distributed the latest Munis transfers.

              A.Blank made a motion to approve, J. Garden seconded the motion. Unanimously


Resignation-Music Department- Joe read Adam Summerer’s letter of resignation. A. Blank made a motion to accept with regrets, L. Roberts seconded the motion. Unanimously approved.


Individuals to be Heard- Jim Zieger expressed concerns over Mr. Summerer’s resignation and transportation timing in afternoon.


Adjournment- Motion by A. Blank to adjourn at 8:15 PM. Seconded by A. Blank.   Approved unanimously.


Respectfully Submitted,

Michele D. Powers, Recording Sec.