October 10, 2018

UNION BOARD OF EDUCATION                         October 10, 2018



     The meeting was called to order by A. Estell at 6:35 p.m.



  1. A. Estell, A. Blank, J. Garden, J. Petersen, H. Bradway, L. Roberts, J. Reardon, Supt., S. Jackopsic, Prin., L. MacPherson, recording secretary, M. Huda, teacher & J. Zieger, parent. 



  1. J. Garden made a motion to approve the minutes from September 12, 2018.  Seconded.  Unanimously approved.



  1. Mr. Zieger inquired about high school bus pick-up times.   



  1. None



  1. Superintendent’s Report:  Joe received a list of nine Union high school students who received Achievement Awards for various subjects at Woodstock Academy. Joe will be attending a Supt. Association meeting at EASTCONN tomorrow.  Joe recently met with members of the State Department of Education, and we are in total compliance with all certifications for the Union School.  The meeting took place after a letter had been sent to the State Department of Education questioning certifications and special education.  J. Garden wanted the minutes to reflect the portion of the Superintendent’s report that demonstrates confirmed compliance with the State Department of CT Special Education Laws & regulations.  Woodstock Board of Trustees has an open position for a Union resident to join.  We have received a refund check in full from East Coat Pavement Services in the amount of $1,900.00 for work performed in June 2017.  Joe and Steve filed formal written complaints to the company and the Department of Consumer Protection.  East Coat also made a $200.00 donation to the school because of the inconvenience.
  2. Principal’s Report:  Steve explained the lengthy process that is followed when a student is referred to special education. Throughout this process a parent can withdraw consent at any time.  A comprehensive evaluation is planned and conducted with input from all team members (Parents, classroom and special education teachers, related service members, Administration, etc.).  The decision for special education is made by this team after thoroughly reviewing all relevant data. Students moving into any district with an IEP are entitled to comparable services by law.  The budget transfer is no longer needed as Dr. Adam Daniels will be sponsoring our fluoride program for the entire school year. The Fire Prevention Program will be held next week.  We completed the first part of our work on the rain barrel & garden projects.  We had a few adjustments to the bus schedule.  Smarter Balanced test results will go home with the students this week. Mrs. Escalona and our 5th graders are participating in the Kid Governor program from the CSDE (only town in northeast corner participating at this point).   



  1. Curriculum  The Committee met last week & the new report cards (K-4) will be implemented this school year.    
  2. Communications  No new info
  3. Transportation  A few adjustments were made in the high school bus schedules. We will be meeting with EASTCONN about the new bus contract.  
  4. Personnel  Teacher negotiations   Dates are all set for Contract negotiations 
  5. Building  No new info
  6. EASTCONN  A. Blank filled in the Board about new updates at EASTCONN.



  1. Review the bills. Andrea & Joe reviewed the bills & everything was in order.     


  2. 2018-19 Budget  Looks okay so far




  1. None  




  1. Budget Transfer  This is not needed.



              Snow days & Distance Learning-This was discussed.  The state doesn’t recognize this as a regular student day within the 180 day school year, and thus, cannot be used as a make-up day. 



         Motion by A. Blank to adjourn at 8:03 p.m. Seconded. Passed unanimously.


    Respectfully Submitted,

    Linda MacPherson, Recording Secretary