September 2, 2020

Members present:        Mat Silberman, chairperson

Lee Fitzgerald

Brian Lambert

Joe Popovitch

Barry Kapplan

Ken Braithwaite (alternate)

Mike Kneeland (alternate)

David Eaton, ZEO


The September 2, 2020 meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm by M. Silbermann.  The meeting was also available via ZOOM access.

Minutes from July 15 and August 19 were reviewed.  B. Kapplan made a motion to approve July 15, seconded by M. Silbermann.  L. Fitzgerald made a motion to approve Aug. 19, seconded by J. Popovitch.  All were in favor, minutes approved.

M. Silbermann presented items on agenda.

Mr. Boucher notified D. Eaton that he had not received the final ‘as built’ for the project on Holland Rd.  This will be tabled.

Scott Mangold of 119 Webster Rd submitted plot plans and an application for a 28’ x 30’ addition to his home.  The plans were reviewed.  B. Kapplan made a motion to accept, seconded by B. Lambert.  All in favor, motion carried.  $210.00 application fee paid.

Mr. Lamire, Mr. Tomkunas and Ms. Guardiani did not attend the meeting.

Mr. Filchak from NECCOG attended the meeting via ZOOM.  He discussed the Plan of Conservation and Development updates.  He had suggestions and had reviewed the suggestions given to him by the commission.   Questions, concerns will be forwarded to him by the Selectman’s Office.  As he progresses he will get updates to the Commission for review.  He hopes to have the final draft copy Dec/Jan. 

B. Kapplan made a motion to adjourn, seconded by B. Lambert.   Meeting adjourned at 8:23PM.





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Mat Silbermann                                                                       Heidi Bradrick                                   

Chairman                                                                                Recording Secretary