March 17, 2021


Members present:        Barry Kapplan, acting chairperson

Lee Fitzgerald

Joe Popovitch

Brian Lambert

Mike Kneeland (alternate) - seated

Carol Berner (alternate) – seated

Others present:            Doug Teeson

                                    Alexis Mehann



The March 17, 2021 meeting was called to order via ZOOM and in person at 7:30 p.m. by B. Kapplan.

Minutes from 3/3/2021 were reviewed and approved.

Richard and Randi Joslyn of 11 Mashapaug Rd. submitted an application to build a 70’x156’ arena.  The application and plans were reviewed.  L. Fitzgerald made a motion to approve, seconded by B. Lambert.  All were in favor, application #21005 issued.  $210. Fee paid.

The Commission received a draft Resolution in support of ‘Home Rule’ in municipal zoning decision making. The members voted to sign the resolution and return it.

The POCD was discussed.  Alexis is waiting for a map which D. Teeson has.  He will drop it off at the Town Hall in the morning and it will be sent to Alexis.

The members voted to officially appoint M. Kneeland as assistant Zoning Enforcement Officer.  L. Fitzgerald made the motion, seconded by B. Kapplan. 

The asst. ZEO will address a concern that there is a large amount of material being removed from 88 Cemetery Rd.  The regulation allow for <= 1000 yards.

J. Popovitch made a motion to adjourn, seconded by C. Berner.   Meeting adjourned at 8:03 pm.





______________________                                                    ______________________

Barry Kapplan,                                                                        Heidi Bradrick

Acting Chairman                                                                     Recording Secretary