May 5, 2021

Union Free Public Library Board of Directors Meeting Minutes May 5th, 2021 Via Zoom Video Conference

Members Present: Ellen Silbermann, Karen Calabrese, Ed Capomacchio,Erin Kate Grabel-Forziati and Library Director Cailin Rae. (Dave Eaton checked in.)

The meeting was called to order at 7:09pm

Secretary’s Report: Ellen made a motion to amend April, 7th minutes from two board members needed to one. Karen second and motion passed unanimously at 7:10pm.

Minutes were read and reviewed Ellen made a motion to pass minutes, Karen second the motion. Motion unanimously passed at 7:13pm.

Old Business:

● Plant Sale: Rock Meadow Farm will drop off left over plants the second weekend of June. Erin and Karen will pick up plants from Garden Sales in Manchester which will become available for the Library Plant Sale the week of May, 23rd. Still need to contact Select Seeds to arrange donations and pick up.

● Hot Spots: Mobile Beacon is processing the order. Cailin sent over the last documents needed. Tracking order will be provided when available and the hot spot should be here in about 3 weeks. Cailin will send the policy agreement to the other board members to review.

● Summer read/ Field Day: Cailin met with the Field Day group this morning (May 5Th). Local farmer and educator Lorene Toth will bring in goats and miniature bunnies for interactive children activity. Cailin will get in touch with Lorene for details. Field Day is outdoors on June,11th. Field day will follow certain guidelines and school rules for Covid. Cailin will hand out summer reading packets on Field Day. Currently working on suggested/summer reading lists.

● Bibliomation/Evergreen: New system working well (moved from XUL to web client on April 10th). Currently weeding through Juvenile DVDs and double checking records against what we actually have; making sure the library records are accurate.

● Puzzles/Board Games-Games acquired, items counted and rule books copied. In the process of adding the games to the online catalogue. Need to purchase age appropriate games for the younger age children.

New Business:

● Board Members: Bertha Syphers submitted her resignation. Currently have two board positions open. Board discussed the interviewed candidates and voted. Ellen made the motion to elect two new members to the library board. Ed second the motion and the motion passed unanimously at 8:15pm. The two new board members' names will be sent to the Selectman for final approval. Ellen to notify the two new members.

● Memorial Donations: Discussed the memorial donation fund and how to use the donations. Ed will draft bylaws on how to use the donations. Donors who donated in memory of Liz Forunier have been sent letters. Ed Fournier has received a letter as well and Cailin invited him to let the library know if he had any particular wishes for the money.

● Old Home Day: Most activities set up at the school. Library and historical society will still do their own activities at their own locations. Library and USA working on co-sponsoring second activity or craft either at the school or town green. Town Hall Rd might be blocked off for use of tractor rides and/or pedestrians. Currently working on activity for the children and will have snow cones (Karen). Will have refreshments and books for sale. Working on tying in summer reading and historical society possibly.

Treasurer's Report: Cailin sent updated budget expense report. Town approved the library's FY21-22 budget.

The next meeting will be held via Zoom Conference/in person possibly on Wednesday, June 2nd, at 7:00pm.

Ellen made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:30pm. Karen second the motion and the motion unanimously passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:31pm.

Respectfully submitted, Erin Kate Grabel-Forziat