October 20, 2021




Members Present:

Mat Silbermann

Lee Fitzgerald

Joe Popovitch

Barry Kapplan

Brian Lambert

Carol Berner – Alternate

Michael Kneeland – Alternate (arrived late)



The meeting of October 20, 2021 was called to order at 7:30 PM by M. Silbermann.


Minutes of Oct. 6, 2021 were reviewed.  The following changes were made: B. Kapplan not B. Lambert moved to adjourn, and COPD was changed to POCD  L. Fitzgerald made a motion to approve with changes, seconded by B. Kapplan, all were in favor, minutes approved.   


Jim George of 421 Stickney Hill Rd submitted an application with $80.00 fee to build a garage.  B. Lambert made a motion to approve, seconded by B. Kapplan.  Permit #21012 issued.


Bob Mihaliak attended the meeting with concerns regarding rain runoff from 23 Cemetery Rd.  He was reminded that 2021 was a historic rain year.  Pathway was paved causing water to run off quicker. Mr. Mihaliak’s property is lower than 23 Cemetery Rd.

Chris Magnano explained to the commission the various changed he has done on the property to help with Mr. Mihaliak’s concerns.   Mat will visit the site tomorrow at 10am.


Numerous residents from Mashapaug Lake were in attendance to discuss their concerns about the proposed Horse Park in Sturbridge.  Mr. Teesen had updates to share.   Mr. Goodwin from the Conservation commission in the Town of Sturbridge was in attendance.  The project requested delineation of wetlands on the land of the proposed project.  Mrs. Teeson raised concern regarding well water quality.  Mr. Teesen suggested that no one on the Board of Selectmen or the Zoning Commission has tried to get information on this project.  David Eaton informed the residents present that he has reached out to various officials from the Town of Sturbridge and the MASS DEP as well as CT DEEP.     

L. Fitzgerald suggested that all the residents write a letter, send it to the Union P&Z board and it will be forwarded to Sturbridge.


ZEO had nothing to report. 


L. Fitzgerald moved to adjourn, seconded by B. Lambert.  Meeting adjourned at 8:26 PM.




Mat Silbermann, chair                                Heidi Bradrick, recording secretary