December 1, 2021



MINUTES December 1, 2021


Members Present:

Mat Silbermann

Joe Popovitch

Brian Lambert

Barry Kapplan

Mike Kneeland – alternate seated


The meeting of December 1, 2021 was called to order at 7:30 PM by M. Silbermann.


Minutes of Nov. 17, 2021 reviewed. M. Kneeland made a motion to approve as read, seconded by J. Popovitch.  Minutes approved.


Mr. & Mrs. Palmer of 59 Rindge Rd attended the meeting with an application to move a temporary shed to a permanent place on the property.   This was reviewed.  B. Lambert made a motion to approve, seconded by M. Kneeland.  Permit #21013 issued.  $85.00 application fee paid.


ZEO M. Kneeland discussed drainage issue at 2 Mashapaug Rd.  The manager at Union Camper’s Inn will work on this issue and contact someone to recommend changes.  


NECCOG is looking for someone to sit on a committee to work on affordable housing regulations. 


B. Kapplan moved to adjourn, seconded by B. Lambert.  Meeting adjourned at 8:02 PM.



Mat Silbermann, chair                                Heidi Bradrick, recording secretary