January 19, 2022



MINUTES January 19,2022


Members Present:

Mat Silbermann

Lee Fitzgerald

Joe Popovitch

Carol Berner – alternate seated

Mike Kneeland – alternate seated


The meeting of January 19, 2022 was called to order at 7:30 PM by M. Silbermann.


Minutes of January 5, 2022 was reviewed.   M. Kneeland made a motion to approve, seconded by L. Fitzgerald.  Minutes approved.


ZEO M. Kneeland discussed Barrows Rd Coops.  The area is only temporary due to construction going on.  These will be moved within setbacks.


M. Kneeland discussed the State’s required Wetland classes.  Most are being offered the other end of the state.


C. Berner made a motion to adjourn, seconded by L. Fitzgerald.  Adjourned at pm.


Mat Silbermann, chair                                Heidi Bradrick, recording secretary