Fire Department



   1049 Buckley Hwy
   Union, CT 06076

Emergency Number:




   (860) 684-4109


   (860) 684-3159

Fire Chief:

   Paul Wentworth

Note: For Fire Marshall/Burning Official, go to CONTACTS in heading at top of this page

Fire Department Information:

The Union Volunteer Fire Department is dedicated to protecting the Town of Union and it's residents.

In addition to fighting fires, the Union Volunteer Fire Department is responsible for emergency medical response, vehicle extractions, and hazardous material emergency response.

New members are always welcome. If you are interested in giving time and effort to helping those in need, the department's meetings are held the 4th Thursday of every month with the annual meeting held the second Thursday in May

Reminder: Your emergency phone number is 911. When used properly smoke and C.O. detectors do work. Check your batteries regularly and make sure your detectors are in good working condition.